Elevent Star 4. joulukuuta 2021 Ilmoittaudu

Elevent Star dance competition

Elevent Group wishes you, dear competitors and spectators of the Elevent Star- competition, welcome to Helsinki, Finland. This is our 10th competition in Helsinki already, and the venue is spectacular – like a mini-Blackpool! We in Elevent have done everything possible to make this day a unique experience to all.

We in Elevent commit ourselves to striving for excellency in whatever we do, and we sincerely hope you all enjoy your stay in Helsinki and the athmosphere and excitement of the competitions. Let us all cheer the great competitors, professionals and amateus alike, on the dance floor!

Welcome to Helsinki!
Elevent team


Vanha ylioppilastalo
Mannerheimintie 3
00100 Helsinki


4 Dec 2021


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15€ / time slot + 2,50€ handling fee Tickets: Lippu.fi

Competition Info

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Tickets: lippu.fi Price: 15€ / time slot + handling fee 2,50€.

Numbered seats. Each time frame is given a different colored bracelet for the audience.  The competitions are streamed.

Ticket time slots

Morning ticket 10.00-13.00

Latino Show

Day ticket 14.00-17.00

Open juvenile, Junior 1, Junior 2, Newcomer A, B, C, Bronze AB, Silver AB, Gold AB, Scholarship AB

Evening ticket 18.00-22.00

Professionals, Amateur, Senior 1 & 3, Bronze C, Silver C, Gold C, Scholarship C, American Smooth