We decided to introduce the Finns to the world of ProAm dance, soon it was totally enthralled here!

Our dream was to make ProAm dancing possible for everyone, and we succeeded!

We wanted to keep the competition registration fees affordable so that as many people as possible could compete, internationally our prices are very affordable. Another achievement thanks to which the sport’s popularity has grown at a dizzying pace.

The tax administration has put a bit of a damper on the cart. According to their interpretation, registration fees are competitive activities subject to VAT. Unfortunately, this way we have to increase the registration fees by 24%.

We are very sorry for the price increase caused by VAT.

Helena & Sofia

Elevent Star -dance competition

Elevent Group wishes you, dear competitors and spectators of the Elevent Star- competition, welcome to Helsinki, Finland. This is our 14th competition in Helsinki already, and the venue is spectacular – like a mini-Blackpool! We in Elevent have done everything possible to make this day a unique experience to all.

We in Elevent commit ourselves to striving for excellency in whatever we do, and we sincerely hope you all enjoy your stay in Helsinki and the athmosphere and excitement of the competitions. Let us all cheer the great competitors, professionals and amateus alike, on the dance floor!

Welcome to Helsinki!
Elevent team


Vanha ylioppilastalo
Mannerheimintie 3
00100 Helsinki


The competition starts at 11 am and ends around 11 pm.

The schedule will be published in week 47.


Register with the registration form at the bottom of this page.
Ticket sales will open 15 September 2023

27,50€ (including service fee)

Tickets: lippu.fi

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Competition Categories

Juvenile (under 12)

  • Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Cha cha, Samba, Jive
  • You can choose Ballroom/Latin, or both
  • Will be judged separately

Junior 1 (under 14)

  • Waltz, Tango, Slow Fox, Quickstep, Cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive
  • You can choose Ballroom/Latin, or both
  • Will be judged separately

Junior 2 (under 16)

  • Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Fox, Quickstep, Cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive
  • You can choose Ballroom/Latin, or both
  • Will be judged separately

Youth (under 19)

Age group according to your birthday.


Senior (over 30)
Senior 3 (over 50)


Age Categories in ProAm

AB: under 50 years (combined class)
C: 50 years and over


You may enter in the younger category (C -> AB) if you wish.

ProAm Categories

  • Newcomer: All ten dances
  • Single Dance: Open Bronze, Open Silver, Open Gold
  • Multi Dance: Bronze, Silver, Gold
    2 dance (cc,r), (w, t)  (no age categories)
    3 dance (cc, s, j), (w, t, q)  (no age categories)
    4 dance (cc, s, r, j), (w, t, f, q)  (no age categories)
    5 dance (no age categories)
  • Scholarship
  • American Smooth: 
    • Single Dance: Open Bronze, Open Gold
      Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz
    • Open Scholarship
  • Showcase

NOTE 1: you may enter more than one category, higher than your level (for instance Bronze/Silver or Newcomer/Bronze). For entering Scholarship, you need to dance 5 Single Dances.

NOTE 2: if you have earlier attended ProAm competitions and won your category twice (or single dances in Single Dance category), you must attend the next competitionin  a higher category: Newcomer->Bronze, Bronze->Silver, Silver->Gold.

1 place 500€
2 place 300€
3 place 200€


1 place 750€
2 place 500€
3 place 300€

Entry fees

Early Bird- Prices valid until 4.11.2023. Normal prices in parenthesis. Entry closes 18.11.2023 at 23.59.

  • Juvenile (under 12) (Ballroom or Latin): 36€ (50€)
  • Junior 1 (under 14) (Ballroom or Latin): 36€ (50€)
  • Junior 2 (under 16) (Ballroom or Latin): 36€ (50€)
  • Youth (under 19) (Ballroom or Latin): 60€ (73€)
  • Amateur (Ballroom or Latin): 60€ (73€)
  • Senior 1 and 3 (over 30 and over 50)) (Ballroom or Latin): 60€ (73€)

ProAm categories

  • Newcomer (per dance): 25€ (35€)
  • Open BronzeOpen Silver and Open Gold Single Dance 25€ (35€) per dance
  • Multi Dance 2 dance challenge 50€ (75€), 3 dance challenge 70€ (85€), 4 dance challenge 90€ (105€), 5 dance challenge 100€ (115€)
  • Scholarship (you need to dance 5 single dances to enter the scholarship): 105€ (125€)
  • American Smooth (per dance) 25€ (35€)
  • VIP Show Case: 115€ (135€)

Entry ticket: included

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna about 300 m from the venue.

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Asema-Aukio 2
00100 Helsinki
phone.+358 20 1234 610


Price: 155 EUR / 1 hh, 175 EUR / 2 hh

E-mail: sokos.hotels@sok.fi

Mention the code BELEVENTSTAR2312 if you reserve through e-mail or by phone.

Through the reservation site:


Reservation code:


ATTN! The rooms are available at this price until 3 Nov 2023 at 6 pm

Aleksi Tiira

A) Peter Stokkebroe, Denmark
B) Edward Simon, USA
C) Michael Malitowski, Poland
D) Jelena Samuilova, Latvia
E) Juha Leskinen, Finland
F) Merja Satulehto, Finland

The Elevent Star competition 2.12. will be streamed starting at 11 am on our web page Elevenlive.fi!
Link will be added here during the competition week.
Striimi on ilmainen ja katsottavissa myös jälkikäteen.

The photos from the competition can be found on web page kuvauspalvelusalopino.fi and on the Elevent Star Helsinki facebook page after the competiton.

If you wish to have the original (or to be photographed), please contact jari@kuvauspalvelusalopino.fi.

More information shortly!

Competition information

The competition starts at 11 am and ends at 11 pm.

The schedule will be published week 47.

Vanha Ylioppilastalo,
Mannerheimintie 3,
00100 Helsinki.

The hotel for the competition, Solo Sokos hotel Vaakuna, is only 300 m from the Venue.

The most convenient car park is situated under the railway station. Adress P-Eliel, Asema-aukio 1. About 300m to the Venue and just across the hotel.

Garderobe next to the entrance, price 3 €.

Registration starts at the main doors at 9 am.

Please note that the Juvenile and Junior classes are held under the rules of the British Dance Council, rules here.  ProAm classes are held under the rules of NDCA, rules here. Amateur and Professional categories under the rules of WDC, rules here.

Lunch is available for the competitors and audience at the Venue from 11 am– 8 pm. Lunch menu 11.50€, pasta or soup. The buffet includes green salad and bread with spread.

The café at the venue serves salty pies, sandwiches and drinks during the whole day, fully licensed. If you feel like having a bigger meal, there are several restaurants close to the venue.


9.30 – 9.45 Ballroom
9.45 – 10.00 Latin
10.00 – 10.15 Ballroom
10.15 –  10.30 Latin
10.30 – 10.45 Ballroom
10.45 – 10.55 Latin

The hostess of the competition is Sofia Kohtala. She will help you in any matter. Please don’t hesitate to approach when needed!

The dressing rooms are on the second floor. One for men, and two for women.  There is also a small unisex space next to the floor for quick changes. Try to keep your belongings in your bags to prevent lost items. Don’t leave valuables unguarded, leave them in the guarded garderobe at the entrance.

Hair- and Make-up on the second floor in the ladies dressingroom.

Our fabulous Finnish and Ukrainian team is ready to make you fabulous!

Hair and make-up at the Venue on Saturday

The Finnish top make-up artists Ilkka and Raili!


Ilkka Ruotsalainen
+358 400 802 132

Raili Hulkkonen

Price 90 €

Cash only.

The Ukrainian mother & daughter team will make you shine!

Svetlana Burakova (mother, hair)
Aleksandra Burakov  (daughter, hair and make-up)

+380 63 394 7634 (WhatsApp)

Price: hair 75€, make-up 75€

Cash only.

Check out their work below!

Svetlana Burakova

Aleksandra Burakova

Alemana Shop, selling dance related stuff is situated next to the dance floor.

Photography is allowed during all classes EXCEPT no videotaping during Professionals. Our professional photographer is Jari Salopino.

Check your own prize ceremony from the schedule.

Remember to return your numbers to the registration, a fine of 30 € for unreturned numbers.

The competitors may stay and watch the competition after their performance. The upper balcony is reserved for competitors. No ticket is needed.

Entry form


Tickets: lippu.fi

Ticket sales starts Friday 15 September 2023

Price:  27,50€ (incl. service fee 2,50€)

At the door standing tickets 20€, seat 30€.

The competition will be streamed starting at 11 am. The stream is free of charge and can also be watched after the competiton.

The stream link will be published during the competition week.

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